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The Internorm energy saving calculator shows your possible energy savings by means of different factors. This is a simulation software SGG ENERGY CALCULATOR, which was developed by glass specialist Saint-Gobain.

After inputting your data you will immediately receive a recommendation in terms that are easy to understand for the best possible window system as well as your optimum energy consumption. The following standard values are used for window positioning: North 14 %, East 17 %, South 36 % and West 33 %.

The energy saving calculator identifies data which should only serve as guidelines and should not be understood as absolute values or binding results. For this, further basic information is necessary such as concept of building or more exact data on shading effects. The issued data – concerning energy saving when exchanging your windows – are therefore values which should help you in decision making. Calculations are based on TRNSYS© software and glass characteristics are calculated according to EN410 and EN673 standards. Furthermore, it is even the user‘s responsibility to check with his contract partner, if glass combinations are suited to his individual purpose and correspond to legal requirements on national, local and regional level.

TÜV Rheinland

Calculation rules and results are certified by TÜV-Rheinland. Quality certificate (QNL 1250R-89201079) – You can check via the following link: www.tuvdotcom.com/quality_marks/0000036805

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